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Our mission is to create One Million psychologically safe, high performing and innovative teams. Join The Innovate Crowd to get insights and updates to help your team become high performing

Book a free 45 mintute planning session.
We'll help you clearly define the biggest challenge facing your team/organisation and plan a way to overcome it, with no obligation.
Although of course if you do work with us afterwards to help solve the problem, we'd be delighted!
Or if you have a specific objective, this is what we do.
Our services can be used individually, sequentually or all at once. It's up to you
  • Breakthrough Session

    Using the Xchange approach to unlock the creative genius in your team. We will facilitate a 90-120 minute session to break through a specific challenge facing your team.

  • Change Programme

    We will involve working with your key stakeholders to implement your change. We’ll use the Xchange approach to create engage the whole system and achieve alignment, sharpen engagement, and accelerate your outcomes.

  • Leadership

    We’ll be boosting your leadership development under the Influential Leadership framework. It’s a model that helps shape behaviours and habits as the foundation for leading teams that are innovative, high-performing, and psychologically safe.

The frameworks we use have been carefully selected
  • Influential Leadership

    This model looks at the 9 dimensions that help leaders to create teams that thrive within psychological safety, high-performance and innovation. The model looks at the many layers of actions, words, motives and emotions that underpin the foundations of influence.

  • Gallup CliftonStrengths

    This model is based on decades of research that has identified the thoughts and feelings of high performers. The results identified 34 themes for us to look at when working with teams and leaders, and the assessment has been completed by over 23 million people to date!

  • The XChange Approach

    This model is a fantastic new way of leading and learning that unlocks creativity in individuals as well as teams. The approach allows more conversations to take place with more people, and its successes have been seen with companies including Facebook, TEDx and BMW.

We love our clients and they love us
  • you are looking for restructuring, human development and capacity building and many many HR topics The Innovate Crowd is a real serious value-added


    Head of learning and cultural development

    Adept at creating safe and inclusive learning spaces where each individual can flourish, innovate and grow


    Deputy Director

    I liked a lot of things, the dynamics of the session/people and a different way of sharing experiences



    The structure and discussions, I honestly didn't want it to end :) I am thrilled that I attended - this was a superb experience


    L&D Consultant

    We learned something new about people we thought we knew well. Fun, engaging and creating an environment of trust and openness